The riches of Ravenna

ALL PHOTOS: Kieran Dodds When the Allied forces prepared to invade and occupy Italy in 1943, the British Naval Intelligence Division planned four handbooks covering every aspect of the country ‘for the…


Discovering Roman mosaics

A fabulous new find where history meets luxury in Antakya When hotel construction work unearthed extraordinary mosaics, the owners decided to create a new archaeological park. It showcases what is believed to be the largest known surviving Roman mosaic, as…

Illuminating Isurium

Almost 2,000 years ago, a thriving Roman settlement was founded deep within the territory of the Iron Age Brigantes, in what today is North…


Ruins on Rapa Nui

On the south coast of the Polynesian island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island), a dozen or more fallen statues (moai) lie slumped across the rectangular stone platforms (ahu) on which they once proudly stood. This is the ruined ahu complex of the Akahanga, which is but…



Discovering Denny

Discovering Denny

As I write, we are in total lockdown in New Zealand. I haven’t been beyond the front path for days, ...
Revisiting Sutton Hoo

Revisiting Sutton Hoo

In CA 339 (June 2018), I explored the site of Sutton Hoo through past issues of Current Archaeology. Here, I ...
Appreciation of our own back yards

Appreciation of our own back yards

Some years ago, Sherds invented a dinner party game called ‘Dante’, in which participants nominate the place where they would ...
Zeugma's last secret

Zeugma’s last secret

A mosaic featuring Oceanus and his wife Tethys – an aquatic scene, which was to prove ominously prophetic in the ...

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