This week: Castles

The most expensive secular building of its day, Dover Castle was described by the 13th-century chronicler Matthew Paris as 'the key of England'. But though its imposing fortifications tower over the shortest sea crossing between Britain and the European mainland, it wasn't built in response to any threat of imminent foreign invasion. Instead, its construction in the years after the murder of Thomas Beckett in 1170 owed more to the growing numbers of foreign dignitaries who began to make the pilgrimage across the Channel to Canterbury to pay their respects to the slain archbishop.…

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Don’t underestimate Archaeology

Too often, we are seen as ‘people who play in the dirt’ or very occasionally ‘finders of secrets’ rather than serious academics. - Dr Hugh Willmott

Why studying the past matters

The eerie experience of writing about quarantine whilst in quarantine truly highlighted the relevance of archaeology in the modern world.

Shrines to saints and Pink Floyd

Museums and sculptors should work more closely with archaeologists and palaeontologists to recreate the appearance of our extinct ancestors.

Excavating Surrey

The county is one that historically suffers from being overlooked: its proximity, and partial absorption, into Greater London risks obscuring its significance.