The Follo Line Project: Exploring medieval Oslo

Since 2013, the largest infrastructure project in modern Norwegian history has granted a team of more than 40 archaeologists an extraordinary glimpse of medieval Oslo. One of the biggest questions they aimed to answer is what the medieval town really looked like. Thomas Wrigglesworth shares some of their discoveries.…

Current World Archaeology 106

• Medieval Oslo
• Rock art in Mongolia
• How Roman soldiers found their outposts
• The Torlonia marbles
• Ionian Islands: in search of the real Ithaca
• Florence: magnificent Etruscan treasures
• Egypt: a virtual tomb visit…

The Archaeology of Seeing

We, as modern humans, tend to look at ancient art with a 21st-century mindset. It is all too easy to stare (in wonder) at Palaeolithic rock art and conceive some idea, however complex, and consider it to be a plausible interpretation.…

Ages and Abilities

The primary aim of this volume is to address the issue of bioarchaeological age assessment and the different social responses to ages and maturing within past societies…

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