Current World Archaeology 117

• ‘The city thirsts’: the most extensive water supply system in the ancient world
• The Priest of Pututus: a unique Andean tomb
• Conjuring Mongolian deer stones: seeking the meaning of enigmatic monoliths
• The man in the parcel: unravelling a mortuary mystery
• Ireland: the prehistoric passage tombs of Knowth and…

CWA 117 Crossword, and Answers to #116

Across 7 Vegetables domesticated c.8000 BC (8) 9 George ___, 20th-century French archaeologist noted for his work in French Indochina and Siam (6) 10 Boudica’s tribe (5) 11 Huntress of Greek mythology (8) 12 Mayan ceremonial centre in Guatemala (5) 13 Caleb ___, American antiquary who studied the earthworks and…

Seasons and the city

Even reputable observers like Pliny the Younger often ended up at the mercy of the competence of later scribes. As his writings only survive as copies, it may be no more than a scribal slip of the hand that immortalised August as the month when Pompeii met its fate.…

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