Military History Matters 124

• Alexander the Great
• Rorke’s Drift: why did the Zulus lose?
• Churchill versus the men of 1940
• Operation Anthropoid: killing Reinhard Heydrich
• Sir John Moore and the Battle of Corunna…

Current Archaeology 379

• Slate landscape of North-west Wales
• Anchor Church Caves
• Birdoswald: a Roman town on Hadrian’s Wall
• Middle-Saxon malting at Sedgeford
• The Sussex Archaeological Society
• The Long Man of Wilmington
• World Heritage sites in the UK…

Minerva Magazine 191

• Megalithic Malta
• Nefertiti
• Rome’s hidden mosaics
• The Battle of Salamis: a clash that shaped the Western world
• St Francis of Assisi: examining an unusual maiolica plate
• History of Egyptology, from 1822 to 1922…

Current Archaeology 378

• Interpreting Roman river finds from Piercebridge
• Exploring the prehistoric heart of Galloway
• Tracing the Glencoe Massacre
• A concrete replica of the Cross of St John speaks
• Raksha Dave: archaeology for everyone…

Current World Archaeology 108

• The Antikythera Mechanism
• Nero: monster or maligned?
• A legionary fortress at Valkenburg
• Cloggs Cave: Australia's puzzling cave revisited
• Seeking out the lost city of Norchia…

Military History Matters 123

• Nelson and Trafalgar
• Germany’s brutal Great War POW camps
• Lincoln vs McClellan
• The Battle of Cerami, 1063
• Forgotten battles: Catarelto, September/October ’44…

Current Archaeology 377

• Dover Castle
• Britain’s first medieval chess workshop
• Reconstructing the Sutton Hoo ship
• Experiments in construction at Butser Ancient Farm
• Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit…

Minerva Magazine 190

• Nero: a new look at the infamous emperor
• Picasso: Iberian influences
• Ionia, 1764: the romance of ruins
•Galloway Hoard: surprising finds from the Viking Age
• Banquets: the theatre of feasting…

Current Archaeology 376

• Galloway Hoard: a Viking Age collection
• Nero, Boudica, and Roman Britain
• Thomas Becket at the British Museum
•Carmarthenshire: a long-lost henge in Wales
• 12th-century civil war smithy site…

Current World Archaeology 107

• Jerash: discovering homes toppled during an earthquake in Jordan
• Seasons at Hawaiian temples
• Discovering Roman women’s lives
• Tuscany: Queen Adelaide’s castle
• Papua New Guinea: homegrown archaeology…

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