Current World Archaeology 122

• A forgotten civilisation: exploring the lost world of Sanxingdui
• Not just a stone age: extraordinary timber architecture at Kalambo Falls
• Young versus Champollion: deciphering the decipherers of Egyptian hieroglyphs
• Myanmar: cradle of empires
• Tating ware: on the trail of a pottery paradox
• Georgia: the Golden Age…

Military History Matters 137

• Europe’s apocalypse: the horror of the Thirty Years’ War
• Cromwell’s admiral: how Robert Blake remade the navy
• They’re coming! The invasion scares of 1805 and 1940
• The corpse that fooled Hitler: Operation Mincemeat
• Dark shadows: Nathan Bedford Forrest & Fort Pillow, 1864…

Current Archaeology 405

• Llanddwyn Island: illuminating centuries of sacred and secular life
• A Victorian rock garden: ‘dahlia-mania’ at Stonehenge
• Distilling the spirit of Northumbria’s Golden Age at Ad Gefrin
• Alternative views: exploring ‘icons’ of the Hadrian’s Wall landscape
• The tale of a tree: an archaeological history of Sycamore Gap
• Rooted in the…

Ancient Egypt Magazine 139

• Hunting lions: in search of Nubia’s endangered monuments
•Crown Prince Ramesses: pharaoh-in-waiting
• Hathor’s healing talismans: tattooed female figurines
• Tutankhamun: the lost mansion of the golden pharaoh
• Predynastic warfare: violence in the Nile Valley
• The origins of silver: the bracelets of Hetepheres I
• The meanings of life: the ankh hieroglyph…

Current Archaeology 404

• Pinnacle of power: the Iron Age hillforts of Wales
• A monumental mystery: the evolution of Arthur’s Stone
• A Cheshire treasure: unpicking the Knutsford Hoard
• The Hidden Valley: seeking Anglo-Saxons in in rural Lincolnshire
• Excavating Ankerwycke: from priory to pleasure ground…

Current World Archaeology 121

• China unearthed: a hidden history of tombs and offerings
• A bitter harvest: slave labour and sugar on São Tomé
• Sailing stony seas: seeking ship graffiti on Malta
• Ancient Egypt and the dawn of literature: revisiting the oldest book in the world
• Italy: an island prison on Ventotene
• Greece: exploring…

Military History Matters 136

• Wellington at war: how Britain’s greatest general made his name
• The British Templars: new light on a crusading warrior elite
• Master of the dark arts: Dudley Clarke, pioneer of deception
• In Flanders Fields: the cemeteries of WWI
• Arminius: Hitler’s barbarian hero…

Current Archaeology 403

• Dark satanic mills: tracing the lives of 19th-century pauper apprentices
• Ballynahatty: reconstructing a rare Neolithic timber monument
• The South Downs from above: human history from the Neolithic to the Cold War
• Exploring local life before and after Hadrian’s Wall
• The Connington teenager: being ‘different’ in Anglo-Saxon England…

Ancient Egypt Magazine 138

• Poisonous paint: exotic but dangerous pigments in ancient Egyptian art
• House of Life: the central repository of knowledge
• Cleopatra II: the ‘traditionally untraditional’ queen
• Huy: the High Steward Amenhotep
• Magical honey: unusual uses in ancient Egypt
• Reflecting ancient life: precious mirrors…

Current Archaeology 402

• Beyond Birdoswald: exploring life and death outside a Hadrian’s Wall fort
• Magnifying Milecastle 46: new excavations at the Hadrian’s Wall site
• Gladiators: arena spectacles in Roman Britain
• Vernacular houses in Jersey: hints from Hamptonne
• Unearthing a medieval mystery: searching for Saline’s lost church
• Archaeology on prescription: using fieldwork to…

Current World Archaeology 120

• La Tène: rethinking a legendary site
• Troy’s neighbour: the powerful prehistoric city at Liman Tepe
• Landscape and legend: exploring ancient myths in Sicily
• Indiana Jones and the nature of archaeology
• Kefalonia: the buccaneer and the castle…

Military History Matters 135

• Nelson and the Nile: The Battle of Aboukir Bay, 1798
• Europe 1943: turning the tide of WWII
• Cromwell and Fairfax: how the English Civil War was won
• Terror in Tuscany: the cruel siege of Siena
• American Patriot: Paul Revere’s ‘midnight ride’…

Current Archaeology 401

• Lost orders: Time Team and the Knights Hospitaller of Halston Hall
• Discovering the distinctiveness of Cornish architecture
• Fortress Londinium: tracing London’s Roman defences
• The bare bones: Neolithic monuments of the North Channel…

Minerva Magazine 202

• The gods of Dura-Europos
• Making a splash
• Secrets of their craft
• All creatures great and small
• Visions of Mary Magdalene
• Eleusinian mysteries…

Ancient Egypt Magazine 137

• Min, the God of the Eastern Desert
• Temple of Mentuhotep II: an innovative building at Deir el-Bahri
• Divine kingship: Sety I, Ramesses II, and their colossal alter egos
• Pharaoh’s chariot wheel
• Exploring tomb distribution in Upper Qurna
• Horemkhauef of Hierakonpolis…

Current Archaeology 400

• Surprises from the Roman frontier: investigating a new turret on Hadrian’s Wall
• Archaeology for all: can social value save archaeology from extinction?
• Seeking seclusion: tracing medieval hermits in Britain and Ireland
• Excavations and attractions: celebrating half a century of the York Archaeological Trust…

Current World Archaeology 119

• Rethinking the role of Persian and Greek luxury
• Investigating the transition to settled and farming lifestyles on the Konya Plain
• Exploring Persia’s northern defences in late antiquity
• The archaeological gems of Greece’s forgotten highlands
• Grama Bay: a crossroads in the Mediterranean…

Military History Matters 134

• Cunningham and Cape Matapan: taking on Mussolini’s battle fleet
• Gettysburg: the five key myths
• Battlefield Ukraine: lessons from history
• The real Vlad Dracula: in search of a 15th-century warlord
• The World at War: fifty years of a television classic…

Current Archaeology 399

• Life and death in prehistoric Ponteland
• Reimagining Roman Richborough
• Revisiting villas in Roman Britain
• How ancient odours can bring the past to life
• Tracing a later prehistoric engraved stone from Shropshire…

Minerva Magazine 201

• The rise of royalty in prehistoric Europe
• Exploring interpretations of the Fayum mummy portraits
• Wooden wonders at Herculaneum
• Drinking and decadence in the ancient Persian and Greek worlds
• Touring Siena’s medieval monuments…

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