Current Archaeology 374

• Fluctuating fortunes of
Roman and medieval Exeter
• Burials in late Iron Age and early medieval Ireland
• New thinking on the Mary Rose and her crew
• An archaeology of airfields
• Exploring female stories from Sutton Hoo…

Current World Archaeology 106

• Medieval Oslo
• Rock art in Mongolia
• How Roman soldiers found their outposts
• The Torlonia marbles
• Ionian Islands: in search of the real Ithaca
• Florence: magnificent Etruscan treasures
• Egypt: a virtual tomb visit…

Military History Matters 121

• Airpower comes of age
• The fight to destroy Hitler’s Tirpitz
• The Swiss: a late medieval military elite
• Britain’s secret World War II resistance plans
• The Walcheren Expedition, 1809…

Current Archaeology 373

• Conserving Britain’s largest Iron Age hoard
• Britain’s first 5th-century mosaic at Chedworth?
• Early Christianity in western Britain & Ireland
• Infant Beaker burial near Salisbury
• Hadrian’s Wall: what was it for?…

Minerva Magazine 188

• The sacred power of shiny objects
• Tigray: painted churches in peril
• Stabiae: Roman land of leisure
• Sutton Hoo: the story behind The Dig
• Galen: the emperor’s doctor
• A helping hand for heritage…

Current Archaeology 372

• Exploring the British Isles’ earliest art
• Tracing evidence for our closest hominin relatives in Britain
• Sunken ships: Britain’s colonial past
• Discoveries by lockdown gardeners
• Keith Marischal: searching for a lost castle and Renaissance palace…

Current World Archaeology 105

• An Etruscan hypogeum on Corsica
• Mosaics in Caddeddi Roman villa
• Colonising the Arctic Circle
• A Phoenician shipwreck
• The horizon of Khufu: inside the Great Pyramid
• The Penn Museum: looking to the future…

Military History Matters 120

• How the Royal Navy achieved global supremacy
• Jan Smuts: guerrilla, politician, warlord
• Sweden’s greatest defeat: Battle of Kircholm, 1605
• Clash of champions: war by personal combat
• Texel, 1945: Nazi Germany’s forgotten last battle…

Current Archaeology 371

• Rise of the mega-henges
• Glassmaking in England
• WWI Home Front aerodrome
• Boxford’s mythological mosaic
• Exploring Victorian wash houses in Britain…

Minerva Magazine 187

• Queens of the Nile: royal wives & goddesses
• Transformation at the heart of the Inca empire
• Herculaneum: a grand Roman house trapped in time
• Face to face with the Greek dead
• Legacy of the Etruscans in Campania…

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