Military History Matters 131

• The USSR at war: five battles that shaped a communist state
• The Mosquito men: the unsung heroes of 627 Squadron
• Born in blood: the fight for Irish independence
• Dunkirk: the German view
• The fight for Sweden: the Battle of Brunkeberg, 1471…

Current Archaeology 393

• Caistor St Edmund: an aqueduct in Roman Norfolk
• Chedworth Roman villa: exploring over 150 years of interpretation
• Little London: encountering Emperor Nero at Silchester
• Traprain Law hoard: a Late Roman puzzle
• A lost battle in the Roman Lake District?
• City of Gallows: the stories behind London's history of public…

Minerva Magazine 198

• Prayer and poetry: Enheduanna and the women of Mesopotamia
• Circles of stone: Japan’s prehistoric monuments
• Vindelev hoard: power and gold before the Vikings
• Classical currents: ancient Greece and Rome in early US history
• Deciphering the Rosetta Stone…

Current Archaeology 392

• Setting the scene: insights into early medieval England
• The migration question: exploring the history of the ‘Anglo-Saxons’
• Archaeogenetics: illuminating the past with DNA
• New evidence from Anglo-Saxon cemeteries
• Uncovering family tales and African ancestry
• What can isotopes add to the picture?
• Revisiting the Adventus Saxonum…

Current World Archaeology 115

• Japan’s stone circles: secrets from mysterious monuments
• Lost cities of Bolivia: discoveries in the Amazon
• Hunters and gatherers? Re-examining women’s lives in the Ice Age (out on The Past soon)
• France: Narbonne’s new archaeological museum
• Italy: First World War echoes at Sexten…

Military History Matters 130

• The Spanish Armada: what really happened in 1588?
• Flawed genius: Monty at Alamein
• The Cuban Missile Crisis
• The Battle of Mohács, 1526
• Hell and high water: submarine warfare…

Current Archaeology 391

• Is this archaeology? A story of Lego lost at sea
• HMS Northumberland: diving a victim of the Great Storm of 1703
• Reconstructing medieval London Bridge and its houses, 1209-1761
• New insights into the Stonehenge bluestones
• Napoleonic-era mining at Alderley Edge…

Minerva Magazine 197

• Revealing the riches of China’s Bronze Age kingdoms
• Mithras: mysteries of a Roman cult
• Ancient Egypt and modern art (out 24 August)
• The elusive cave writing of Lascaux
• From remarkable medieval women to famous discoveries…

Current Archaeology 390

• Decoding the dolmens of northern Europe
• Sourcing the stones of Hadrian’s Wall
• Exploring Blick Mead’s Mesolithic landscape
• Uist unearthed: Hebridean archaeology goes virtual
• Dulverton House: from abbey infirmary to academic accommodation…

Current World Archaeology 114

• Maya underworld: subterranean secrets in Mexico
• The many faces of feminine power
• Into the desert: a pioneering journey to Palmyra
• A pub crawl around Pompeii
• Archaeology on screen
• What the Romans did for Athens…

Military History Matters 129

• The BBC at war: how the broadcaster came of age during WWII
• Rome’s frontier: conflict and Hadrian’s Wall
• Hitler’s doomed offensive
• The worst leaders in history?
• When Britain and the US almost went to war…

Current Archaeology 389

• HMS Invincible: excavating a Georgian time capsule
• 50 years at Butser Ancient Farm
• Indigenous life on the Roman frontier
• Cissbury Ring: Neolithic flint mines in the digital age
• Canterbury: new approaches to saving heritage
• The collections of the Society of Antiquaries of London…

Minerva Magazine 196

• The art and power of golden manuscripts
• The birth of Gothic: cathedral-building in medieval Europe
• Ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
• Feminine Power: She who must be obeyed
• Naples: restoring an ancient necropolis…

Current Archaeology 388

• Celebrating Hadrian’s Wall: how did the Romans mark its construction?
• The archaeology of Black Cat Quarry
• Ancient multiculturalism in the Midlands
• What are hillforts? Investigating these misunderstood monuments
• Restoring Marble Hill: how archaeology helped to revive a Georgian gem…

Current World Archaeology 113

• Digging Caesar’s Forum: daily life in Rome
• Nebra Sky Disc: decoding a prehistoric vision of the cosmos (out 25 May on The Past)
• The dead of Amato: conflict on the Peruvian south coast
• Tsunami: a Bronze Age tragedy in Turkey
• Finding Shackleton’s ship
• The monastery of San Vincenzo al…

Military History Matter 128

• Against the odds: how Hitler’s airborne elite took Crete
• What became of the prisoners of 1798?
• The Battle of Sluys: a forgotten medieval naval clash
• Conflict and consequences: the myth of decisive battle
• Black soldiers in the American West…

Current Archaeology 387

• How female migrants changed the face of Bronze Age Orkney
• Roman and medieval Leicester
• Waterloo uncovered: Hougoumont Farm exposed
• Chichester’s Roman past
• Peatlands, climate change, and the future of archaeology…

Minerva Magazine 195

• Spiro: a climate crisis in the Mississippian world
• Hisham’s Palace: mosaics in the desert
• Olympia: monuments to victory (available 27 April on The Past)
• The Museo Barracco in Rome
• Sir John Soane’s architectural drawings
• Exploring ‘trench art’…

Current Archaeology 386

• Time Team returns: the show’s first new digs in a decade
• Excavating a prisoner of war camp in Shropshire
• Exploring the legacy of a Roman monument
• Trimontium’s Roman tragedy
• Tracing religious remains at Maryport Roman fort (available 13 April on The Past)…

Current World Archaeology 112

• Pyramid builders: eye-witness accounts of a legendary construction project
• Golden Fleece paradox: gold in the Caucasus
• Recording rock art in Portugal
• Apollonia revisited: a pioneering survey
• Italy: a 9th-century feudal calamity
• Thailand: a legendary lost city…

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