Minerva Magazine 195

• Spiro: a climate crisis in the Mississippian world
• Hisham’s Palace: mosaics in the desert
• Olympia: monuments to victory (available 27 April on The Past)
• The Museo Barracco in Rome
• Sir John Soane’s architectural drawings
• Exploring ‘trench art’…

Current Archaeology 386

• Time Team returns: the show’s first new digs in a decade
• Excavating a prisoner of war camp in Shropshire
• Exploring the legacy of a Roman monument
• Trimontium’s Roman tragedy
• Tracing religious remains at Maryport Roman fort (available 13 April on The Past)…

Current World Archaeology 112

• Pyramid builders: eye-witness accounts of a legendary construction project
• Golden Fleece paradox: gold in the Caucasus
• Recording rock art in Portugal
• Apollonia revisited: a pioneering survey
• Italy: a 9th-century feudal calamity
• Thailand: a legendary lost city…

Military History Matters 127

• Churchill’s darkest hour: the military disasters of 1942
• Waterloo uncovered: veterans, archaeology, and the battlefield
• Renaissance warfare: a military revolution
• The charge of the Iron Fleet: Charleston, 1863
• The accident that triggered the Blitz…

Current Archaeology 385

• Lift after the Vikings: uncovering the Great Army’s legacy at Torksey
• Exploring prehistoric Britain’s French connection
• Petuaria: Brough-on-Humber’s lost Roman theatre
• The prehistoric origins of Scotland…

Minerva Magazine 194

• The rise of Christianity in the Caucasus
• The sun in the world of Stonehenge
• Childhood in the Roman Empire
• Law and order: an ancient legal code from Crete
• A conversation with Egyptologist Salima Ikram
• Investigating Chiragan’s Roman statues…

Current Archaeology 384

• Exploring the world of Stonehenge
• Symbolism in Shakespeare’s schoolroom
• Quarrying clues: Neolithic stone extraction
• Britain’s most elusive Roman sculptures (out 9 February)
• Deciphering the DNA of the Amesbury Archer and the Companion…

Current World Archaeology 111

• Palmyra: what sculpture is revealing about life in a desert city
• Secrets of Ancient Greek technology
• How DNA is solving archaeological mysteries
• Inca Empire: maintaining Central Andean suspension bridges
• Climate change at Butrint
• Verulamium, Britain’s third-largest Roman city
• Norway: secrets of the ice…

Military History Matters 126

• The Battle of Crécy
• ‘The worst maritime disaster ever’: the sinking of Wilhelm Gustloff
• General Wolfe at Quebec, 1759
• The Battle of Chinese Farm: Sinai, 1973
• The Philippines, 1942-1945…

Current Archaeology 383

• Uncovering scenes of the Trojan War in Rutland
• Wall paintings and rood-screens in Welsh churches
• African identities in Roman Britain
• Reconstructing the Dunch Hill roundhouse
• From West Africa to Wisbech: analysing an abolitionist’s campaign chest…

Minerva Magazine 193

• Luxor temple: where kings became gods
• Art and ancestors in ancient Peru
• Eternal beauty: what did kallos mean to the ancient Greeks?
• Domitian: portraying imperial power
• John Craxton and the art of ancient Greece…

Current Archaeology 382

• Tracing the rise and fall of Syon Abbey
• Cladh Hallan: the roundhouse way of life in South Uist
• Neolithic art in the Stonehenge landscape
• The architecture of England’s co-operative movement
• Richborough’s Roman amphitheatre…

Current World Archaeology 110

• Origins of the Incas: from human sacrifice to mythical beings
• Rethinking the jungle
• The origins of early Christianity in Africa
• Butrint’s slave manumissions
• The treasures of Sanxingdui, China
• Tracy Roberts and LoveItaly: saving Italy’s heritage…

Military History Matters 125

• Pearl Harbor: the Japanese blitzkrieg
• Tel el-Kebir, 1882: how the British crushed a nationalist army
• Why the Americans won the Revolutionary War
• The Tudor conquest of Ireland
• America’s WWII bomber fleet…

Current Archaeology 381

• Iona in the Viking Age
• Uncovering medieval peasant perceptions of landscape
• CITiZAN’s climate emergency
• The evolution of archaeological illustration
• Blick Mead: uncovering Mesolithic and medieval finds…

Minerva Magazine 192

• The Saka: golden burials of the steppe
• The Viking Great Army
• Humboldt Forum: Berlin’s new cultural centre
• Triumph of Rubens
• Mausoleum of Augustus…

Current Archaeology 380

• Conserving Stonehenge
• An Anglo-Saxon community at Cookham
• Hyde Abbey: a royal monastery in Winchester
• Enigmatic Roman structure at Caistor St Edmund
• Trellyffaint: Neolithic dairy farming in Wales
• Lakes as ornaments in the landscape…

Current World Archaeology 109

• Exploring sacred spaces on Rapa Nui
• Before Tokyo: piecing together the past of a megacity
• Roman colonial city at Libarna
• Prehistoric diets in the southern Levant
• Secrets of Classical trade in the Mediterranean…

Military History Matters 124

• Alexander the Great
• Rorke’s Drift: why did the Zulus lose?
• Churchill versus the men of 1940
• Operation Anthropoid: killing Reinhard Heydrich
• Sir John Moore and the Battle of Corunna…

Current Archaeology 379

• Slate landscape of North-west Wales
• Anchor Church Caves
• Birdoswald: a Roman town on Hadrian’s Wall
• Middle-Saxon malting at Sedgeford
• The Sussex Archaeological Society
• The Long Man of Wilmington
• World Heritage sites in the UK…

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