Current Archaeology 379

• Slate landscape of North-west Wales
• Anchor Church Caves
• Birdoswald: a Roman town on Hadrian’s Wall
• Middle-Saxon malting at Sedgeford
• The Sussex Archaeological Society
• The Long Man of Wilmington
• World Heritage sites in the UK…

News in brief

Some of the latest news stories from archaeology in the UK, including the discovery of a section of Hadrian's Wall, the launch of a new campaign to protect archaeology as a discipline, and the start of a project analysing Viking remains in Orkney.…


John Pull: Worthing’s hero archaeologist

Self-taught archaeologist John Pull made discoveries of national significance in the South Downs around Worthing, but his humble origins saw him sidelined by more privileged professional peers. With a recently extended exhibition at Worthing Museum and Art Gallery bringing his story back into the spotlight almost 100 years after his…

Cumbria’s Prehistoric Monuments

Adam Morgan Ibbotson has successfully brought together around 100 prehistoric sites from across Cumbria into a much-needed single volume. Home to a range of prehistoric monuments, Cumbria has more than just stone circles, with notable examples including the Mayburgh Henge and the Great Urswick burial chamber. The book begins by…


Heritage from home – September 2021

Across the UK, many heritage sites and museums are now welcoming visitors again, but if you’re still looking for activities and resources that you can take advantage of from home, there is an ever-growing supply of those too! Amy Brunskill has put together a selection of the options available, from…

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