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Altai rock art

The computer-enhanced ‘Mongolian deer’ (CWA 106) indicates that the Late Bronze Age artist’s (his or her) use of stylisation and the sense of motion is as good as anyone has produced since. Viewing it made me cry with tears of joy, it seems so real and vital.

IMAGE: courtesy of Richard Kortum.

If Kortum and his team decide to produce a good reprint of this, put me first on the list to purchase one and add to their funds for further research.

Steven Baer
Colorado, USA

Storms shaking Ithaca

My wife and I had a splendid holiday on Ithaca in 2019 and would have returned but for COVID. So, Hodges’ article made a fine and interesting read.

However, one only has to see the destruction in Asos on Kefalonia and in Kioni, plus its neighbouring harbour Frikes, down to the coast from Stavros on Ithaca, following a storm in autumn last year to realise that the moderns have it just as bad as the ancients. The two Ithaca harbours lost all but two of their fishing fleet.

Skopelos (apologies if it is better known now as the Mamma Mia! Island) had just two hours of torrential rain in 2014 that took out the port car park and put 115 cars in the harbour. The storm went on to Hydra – one can view videos of 4ft of water crashing down the high street into the harbour there.

PHOTO: Dimitris Vetsikas.

Skopelos is a more interesting island than it is given credit for, with Neolithic tombs, Roman baths and temples, a Venetian castle, and 365 churches, at least!

Steven Cann
Dorking, UK

Smithsonian Institution

I sent in my subscription today. Very impressive magazine – thank you! Looking at your back issues online, I noticed that on several occasions the Smithsonian Institution, here in Washington DC, is referred to as an Institute when it is an Institution. I look forward to reading CWA and I plan to purchase a few print back issues too. Stay safe and be well.

PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons, Geiserich77.

William Chaloner
Washington DC, USA

CWA online

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