MHM 135 Competition and Crossword

Put your military history knowledge to the test with our competition and crossword.

This issue, we’re giving away three signed copies of The Lighthouse of Stalingrad: the hidden truth at the centre of WWII’s greatest battle by Iain MacGregor

The foundation of the Soviet Union’s defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II was laid during the battle for the city of Stalingrad, on the banks of the River Volga, in the winter of 1942-1943. Within this life-and-death struggle, there grew a legend around a key strategic building in the heart of the city, Pavlov’s House – codenamed ‘The Lighthouse’ – in which a small garrison of Soviet soldiers valiantly held out against ferocious bombardment from the German Sixth Army. In The Lighthouse of Stalingrad – the overall winner in the MHM Book Awards 2023 – Iain MacGregor sheds new light on this iconic battle through the prism of the fight for Pavlov’s House. 

This issue, three lucky winners will each receive a newly released paperback copy of the book, signed by the author himself.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply answer the following question:
Which field marshal was commander of the German Sixth Army, which surrendered after being defeated at the Battle of Stalingrad in February 1943?
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Put your military history knowledge to the test with our competition and crossword.


7 English Civil War battle fought in Warwickshire in 1642 (8)

9 King of Wessex, regarded as the founder of the English navy (6)

10 David ___, British general, commander of the 20th Indian Division in 1942-1946 (6)

11 Light helmet usually with a visor (8)

12 Earl of Leicester, killed at the Battle of Evesham in 1265 (5,2,8)

15 Large fleet of ships (6)

17 Site of two battles fought north of Delhi in 1191-1192 (6)

20 3rd Earl of Suffolk, killed at the Battle of Agincourt (7,2,2,4)

23 Ancient weapon which launched large spears or stones (8)

25 George ___, Union general, mortally wounded at the Battle of Fredericksburg (6)

26 Prince ___, Marlborough’s ally at the Battle of Blenheim (6)

27 Alexander ___, colonel of volunteers in the Mexican-American War (8)


1 Army formation developed in Spain in the 16th century (6)

2 British bomber manufactured by Vickers at the end of the First World War (4)

3 US state in which the Battle of Mobile Bay was fought (7)

4 Desert ___, nickname of the 7th Armoured Division in the Second World War (4)

5 Georg ___, German general, commander of the VI Army Corps in 1944 (8)

6 Early jet fighter built by Gloster (6)

8 German aircraft manufacturer founded in 1914 (7)

13 Vice-admiral of the English navy at the time of the Spanish Armada (5)

14 ___ Carbineers, a unit raised originally in 1855 as the Pietermaritzburg Irregular Horse (5)

16 Admiral Rodney’s flagship when in command of a squadron bombarding
Le Havre in 1759 (8)

18 Ancient kingdom in the Balkans conquered by Rome in 168 BC (7)

19 Clarence ___, US general, commander of the 26th Division in WWI (7)

21 Royal Navy I-class destroyer launched in 1936 (6)

22 Tactics intended to overcome an enemy via non-combative action (6)

24 British submachine-gun which entered service in 1941 (4)

25 City, now in the Czech Republic, twice besieged in the Hussite Wars (4)















Across: 7 Edgehill, 9 Alfred, 10 Gracey, 11 Bascinet, 12 Simon de Montfort, 15 Armada, 17 Tarain, 20 Michael De La Pole, 23 Ballista, 25 Bayard, 26 Eugene, 27 Doniphan. 

Down: 1 Tercio, 2 Vimy, 3 Alabama, 4 Rats, 5 Pfeiffer, 6 Meteor, 8 Dornier, 13 Drake, 14 Natal, 16 Achilles, 18 Illyria, 19 Edwards, 21 Icarus, 22 Psyops, 24 Sten, 25 Brno.