MHM 128 Competition and Crossword

Put your military history knowledge to the test with our competition and crossword.

This issue, we’re giving away five pairs of tickets to the Combined Ops Military Show, courtesy of Headcorn Events.

The Combined Ops Military Show is returning to Kent’s Headcorn Aerodrome on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 August 2022. This unique event includes a large selection of beautifully restored vehicles roaring into life in the show’s arena, with running commentary keeping visitors informed of the fascinating history.

The show will feature a number of Second World War battle re-enactments. Armed with real weapons discharging thousands of blank rounds, the re-enactors will be in engaged in carefully planned skirmishes, as explosions tear up the ground around them and fill the air with dirt and smoke.

Coupled with the military stalls, children’s entertainment, and on-site catering, these events really make a visit to Headcorn the perfect day out.

This issue, five lucky winners will each receive a pair of tickets to the show. For more information, please visit the website

To be in with a chance of winning, simply answer the following question:
What was the name of the system of integrated air defence, named after the RAF’s head of Fighter Command between 1936 and 1940, which is considered to have helped win the Battle of Britain?
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7 World War II flying boat built by Consolidated (8)

8 Battle fought in 1632 during the Thirty Years War (6)

10 Battle fought in 1187, a victory for Saladin over Guy de Lusignan (6)

11 Royal Navy Egret-class sloop launched in 1938 (8)

12 Fyodor ___, Russian general, killed in 1904 at the Battle of Motien Pass (6)

14 Battle fought in February 1846 during the First Sikh War (7)

15 William ___, victor at the Battle of Stirling (7)

17 Royal Navy Type 42 destroyer launched in 1974 (7)

20 Former British Army transit camp in India, the setting for It Ain’t Half Hot, Mum (7)

21 ___ Rumsfeld, US Secretary of Defense in 2001-2006 (6)

23 Spartan admiral killed at the Battle of Haliartus (8)

24 ___ Highlanders, former British regiment raised in 1794 (6)

25 Former supersonic fighter built by McDonnell (6)

26 Former jet fighter of the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm (3,5)


1 Peninsular War battle fought in July 1809 (8)

2 Charles ___, Frankish king and victor at the Battle of Tours in 732 (6)

3 Royal Navy battlecruiser, Admiral Beatty’s flagship at the Battle of Jutland (4)

4 Normandy town where William the Conqueror was born (7)

5 English pirate killed in battle in 1718 (10)

6 English admiral, nicknamed ‘Old Grog’ (6)

9 French marshal captured at the Battle of Blenheim (7)

13 Israel ___, Union general mortally wounded at Antietam (10)

16 German tank which entered service in 1965 (7)

18 Small cannon of the 15th and 16th centuries (8)

19 Royal Navy Acheron-class destroyer launched in 1911 (7)

20 ___ Accords, peace agreement reached in November 1995 which ended the war in Bosnia (6)

22 Charles ___, British general, commander of XXX Corps in 1941-1942 (6)

24 Pacific island captured by Japan in December 1941 (4)



Across: 7 Catalina, 8 Lützen, 10 Hattin, 11 Auckland, 12 Keller,
14 Sobraon, 15 Wallace, 17 Cardiff, 20 Deolali, 21 Donald,
23 Lysander, 24 Gordon, 25 Voodoo, 26 Sea Vixen.
Down: 1 Talavera, 2 Martel, 3 Lion, 4 Falaise, 5 Blackbeard,
6 Vernon, 9 Tallard, 13 Richardson, 16 Leopard, 18 Falconet,
19 Tigress, 20 Dayton, 22 Norrie, 24 Guam.