Exhibitions, events, and heritage from home – Current Archaeology’s February Listings

Over the next few months a wide variety of fantastic opportunities are on offer to get involved in history, heritage, and archaeology, with exciting conferences, new exhibitions, events, and more. If you would prefer to explore the past from home, though, there are plenty of resources available, from virtual tours of museums and heritage sites to podcasts, TV shows, and online games. Amy Brunskill has put together a selection of some of the latest options.


Wulfstan 1000

Worcester Cathedral
24-25 March

This year marks the 1,000th anniversary of the death of Wulfstan, who was Bishop of Worcester (1002-1016), Archbishop of York (1002-1023), and the uncle of St Wulfstan. In honour of the occasion, Worcester Cathedral is holding a two-day conference that features eight internationally known scholars, who will speak about Wulfstan’s life, writings, political influence, and the crucial role he played in the early history of Worcester. Tickets cost £160, including the eight lectures, tea/coffee and lunch each day, a tour of the cathedral and/or library, a short dramatic recitation of highlights of Wulfstan’s preaching, and an evening reception with drinks.

Image: image reproduction by kind permission of the Dean and Chapter of York Minster


Crown to Couture

Kensington Palace, London
5 April-29 October

The largest exhibition ever staged at Kensington Palace, Crown to Couture will take visitors on an immersive journey, exploring how the trailblazing fashion of 18th-century nobility has inspired today’s red-carpet looks. With more than 200 objects on display, from Lady Gaga’s famous MTV awards dress to the Silver Tissue Gown worn at the court of Charles II, the exhibition offers a chance to experience the palace as it would have been 300 years ago, packed with the most-fashionable and -influential names of the day. Exhibition entry is included in palace admission; members go free. Advance booking recommended.

Spain and the Hispanic World

Royal Academy of Arts, London
Until 10 April

This exhibition at the Royal Academy explores the rich story of Hispanic art and culture from the ancient world to the early 20th century, through more than 150 works, including sculptures, textiles, ceramics, jewellery, maps, and manuscripts, as well as masterpieces by El Greco, Zurbarán, Velázquez, and Goya. Presenting objects from the Hispanic Society Museum and Library for the first time in the UK, the collection offers visitors a chance to trace the diversity of cultures and religions that have shaped what we today understand as Spanish culture. Tickets cost £22-£24.50, including donation.


Black Country Living Museum: Drift Mine

Black Country Living Museum, Dudley
Open now

The Black Country Living Museum has just opened its newly refurbished underground mine experience, which offers visitors a chance to enter a recreated Black Country coal pit and explore a maze of roadways and caverns, in order to find out how the mines were run, how timber props were used to support their roofs, and what life was like for a coal miner there in the 1850s. Entry to the mine is included in the price of general admission, and tickets include unlimited return visits to the museum for a year at no extra charge.


Hunting for Essex Witches through Archives and Archaeology

Essex Record Office, Chelmsford
29 April

The Essex Record Office presents two talks exploring the history of witchcraft and magic in Essex. Professor Marion Gibson (University of Exeter) will discuss how Essex’s historical records can help us trace the lives and identities of Elizabethan women accused of witchcraft. Dr Ceri Houlbrook (University of Hertfordshire) will then discuss the variety of objects discovered in the historic buildings of Essex, from witch-bottles to shoes, and the beliefs that motivated people to hide them in the fabric of their homes. Tickets cost £11-£13; advance booking is required.


Vasa Museum, Sweden

Get up close to the famous 17th-century ship Vasa with a detailed digital model, finding out more about its history and the objects found in and around the wreck with these online resources from the Vasa Museum.

Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum, Spain

Take a virtual tour of the museum and discover its extensive collection of art spanning the 13th to the 20th century, or enjoy past exhibitions and behind-the-scenes videos.

Image: Kyle Magnuson

Tomb of Queen Meresankh III, Egypt

Explore the elaborately decorated and well-preserved tomb of Queen Meresankh III, which lies in the shadow of the Great Pyramid built by her grandfather Pharaoh Khufu, with this virtual tour.

Monuments of Great Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

Discover the monuments of Great Zimbabwe, the medieval city that was once at the heart of an extensive African trading empire, with a selection of 3D models, maps, and other resources.


Royal Armouries

Find out more about the objects, people, places, and stories associated with the Royal Armouries, the UK’s national collection of arms and armour, through a wealth of online resources.

Image: Tim Green


Explore thousands of Welsh sites of historical and archaeological significance with Archwilio, an online resource that provides public access to the Historic Environment Records for Wales.

The Fantastic History of Food

Take a trip into the past with this podcast that offers stories of the fun, bizarre, and often ridiculous history of food, from wars fought over spices to the great goldfish-eating craze of 1939.

Victoria & Albert Museum YouTube

Discover objects in the V&A’s collections, as well as going behind the scenes with conservators, curators, and researchers, with the entertaining and informative videos on the V&A YouTube channel.


Bettany Hughes’ Treasures of the World

In Season 2 of Treasures of the World, Bettany Hughes investigates the archaeological and cultural highlights of more historic locations, including Turkey, Jordan, Cyprus, and Albania.

Lost Worlds with Ben Fogle

Join Ben Fogle as he travels across Scotland’s islands in search of lesser-known stories from human history, journeying from the isles of Stroma and Swona to the remote cliffs of St Kilda.

Image: Wikimedia Commons, Dbrooke1829

The Royals: A History of Scandals

Suzannah Lipscomb explores both famous and lesser-known royal scandals and the roles that the press, parliament, and the public have played in the response to these events across the centuries.

Raid and Trade

Try your hand at this online game from Horrible Histories: choose your Norse god or goddess and complete tutorials to find out more about Viking society, religion, culture, and more. Now with new minigames.

Penn Museum

Enjoy a variety of museum-, archaeology-, and history-themed activities, including colouring sheets, word puzzles, art and craft activities, and child-friendly articles, grouped by region or theme.