Exhibitions, events, and activities – April listings

There are lots of great archaeological events coming up over the next few months, including new exhibitions, lectures, and conferences. Or, if you would prefer to get your history and heritage fix at home, there is a wide selection of resources available, from virtual tours of museums and heritage sites to radio and TV shows, games, and activities. Amy Brunskill has put together a summary of some of the options available.


Luxury and Power: Persia to Greece

British Museum, London
4 May-13 August

This new exhibition at the British Museum will explore the relationship between luxury and power in the Middle East and south-east Europe between 550 and 30 BC. Featuring exceptional loans, including the Panagyurishte Treasure from Bulgaria, as well as objects from the British Museum collection, the exhibition considers the period when the Persian empire of ancient Iran clashed with the cities and kingdoms of Greece, before being conquered by Alexander the Great. Tickets cost £15, with concession prices available.

Image: © The Trustees of the British Museum

Islanders: the making of the Mediterranean

Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
Until 4 June

The Fitzwilliam’s latest exhibition brings together more than 200 objects from Cyprus, Crete, and Sardinia, many of which have not been seen in the UK before, in order to explore how these island cultures reflected and shaped the larger Mediterranean world. With highlights including bronze votive figurines made by the Nuragic people of Sardinia and pottery and jewellery from Minoan Crete, the artefacts reveal more about the everyday lives of islanders over 4,000 years of history. Tickets are free, but booking is required.


Peopling the Past: reflecting on Prehistoric Europe

Jesus College, University of Cambridge
2-4 June

The Prehistoric Society Europa Conference 2023, honouring Professor Marie Louise Stig Sørensen, presents two days of lectures on the latest research in European Late Prehistory, along with a field trip to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge and a tour of Wandlebury hillfort led by Chris Evans. Tickets can be booked through Eventbrite and cost £95 for members, £110 for non-members, and £50 for students, with an additional £20 for the Sunday field trip.


Re-approaching Celts

Augustine United Church, Edinburgh
11 May

The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland’s May lecture, presented by Dr Rachel Pope, will discuss her newly published work, which provides an enhanced framework for our understanding of the European Iron Age on the Continent. Her new contextual method combines archaeology with references in Classical texts, while also focusing on the distinctly regional nature of Iron Age social organisation. This event will take place both online and in person. The lecture is free and open to all, but book early to avoid disappointment.


Vikings Festival

Flag Fen Archaeology Park, near Peterborough
29 April-1 May

Flag Fen Archaeological Park, home to the famous Bronze Age causeway, presents a living history weekend exploring Viking history, with demonstrations, activities, and more. Meet Angles and Danes in authentic encampments, find out more about King Cnut and the Battle of Assandun in 1016, watch battle re-enactments and archery displays, and try your hand with a bow and arrow. Tickets cost £8 for adults and £4 for children, with family tickets and concessions for holders of an annual pass available.


• Penn Museum, USA

Explore a wealth of digital resources from the Penn Museum, including archival films, lecture series, and online access to cultural artefacts, historical records, images, and more from its collections.

• Lahore Museum, Pakistan

Take a virtual tour of the oldest and largest museum in Pakistan and explore its collections, or search for the museum on Google Arts & Culture to discover a selection of online exhibits and highlights.

Image: Wikimedia Commons, Muhammad Ashar

• Noravank Monastery, Armenia

Visit the 13th-century Noravank Monastery, as well as other Armenian historical sites such as the prehistoric Areni-1 cave complex, from your phone using the virtual reality app My Virtual Armenia.

• Goodrich Castle, UK

Discover Goodrich Castle in Herefordshire, one of the best-preserved medieval castles in England, and find out more about its history with this virtual tour and other resources from English Heritage.


• Penwith Landscape Partnership

Explore the working historic landscape of West Penwith in Cornwall, one of Europe’s oldest continually used farming landscapes, with this online resource from the Penwith Landscape Exploration Network.

• Cloud Tour

Discover some of the UK’s underwater shipwrecks, including the 17th-century Coronation, the 18th-century Invincible (see CA 389), and the First World War ship HMT Arfon, with virtual tours, background information, audio, and more.

• Neanderthals: meet the relatives

Find out how developments in new technology like DNA sequencing have transformed our understanding of the Neanderthals with this episode of The Forum, featuring scientific experts and archaeologists.

• National Museums Liverpool YouTube

Enjoy a variety of videos from National Museums Liverpool, exploring objects and themes from their collections, as well as offering insights into different aspects of the history and culture of the city.

Image: Wikimedia Commons, Chris Howells


• The Black Death

Join Dan Snow as he uncovers the story of the Black Death, which devastated Britain in the 14th century, exploring how it spread across the country and caused widespread fear and chaos.

• Race to Chesters

Download this board game from English Heritage, in which players must race across Roman Britain to be the first to deliver a message from Richborough in Kent to Chesters Roman Fort on Hadrian’s Wall.

Image: Carole Raddato

• Dinosaur with Stephen Fry

Journey back 180 million years into the world of the dinosaurs with Stephen Fry to find out more about these prehistoric creatures and experience the environments in which they lived.

• Back in Time with… Exciting Explorers

Take a trip back in time with some of the famous explorers who have travelled the world and beyond, including Ibn Battuta, Amelia Earhart, and Neil Armstrong, with this interactive storytelling game from BBC Bitesize.

• Minecraft Education

Discover a wealth of history games, activities, and other resources to help children engage with the past through Minecraft, from recreating historic landmarks to exploring the events of the First World War.