Roman Frontier Archaeology in Britain and Beyond: Papers in honour of Paul Bidwell presented on the occasion of the 30th annual conference of the Arbeia Society


The study of Roman frontiers goes from strength to strength, as demonstrated in this volume, which marked the 30th annual conference of the Arbeia Society, the organisation that manages the Roman fort and recreated buildings at South Shields.

Covering a vast range of topics from the field of Roman frontier studies, the papers are divided into six broad categories: the pre-Roman Iron Age, material and scientific evidence, antiquarian studies, and three that are geographically focused (southern Britain, the Roman north, and other Roman frontiers). Although aimed at academic audiences, most papers are well-written and would be easily understood by anyone with an interest in Roman Britain and the impact of the military on the province, as well as those on the edge of it.

Nick Hodgson and Bill Griffiths (eds)
Archaeopress, £60 (pbk), Open Access eBook
ISBN 978-1803273440