Moel-y-Gaer (Bodfari): a small hillfort in Denbighshire, North Wales 

Review by George Nash

L ittered throughout much of southern Britain are stark reminders of the later prehistoric landscape: the Iron Age hill enclosure (or hillfort). As the generic name – ‘hill enclosure’ – suggests, these enigmatic features are located around the summit of many hilltops, including those within North Wales.  

Gary Lock undertook nine seasons of excavation and survey at Moel-y-Gaer (Bodfari), which is one of the northernmost hill enclosures of the Clwydian Hills range in North Wales.  The book reveals how targeted excavation uncovered the methods used to construct the rampart and ditch sections, the entrances, and part of the interior.  

The book is organised into ten crafted sections that cover the context of the site, the results of the initial survey and excavation, followed by specialist reports. Beautifully illustrated, it provides the reader with a fascinating account of the fieldwork and post-excavation programmes. It is a must- buy for anyone interested in the archaeology of Iron Age Britain. 

Moel-y-Gaer (Bodfari): a small hillfort in Denbighshire, North Wales 
Gary Lock (with contributions from M J Allen, S Callery, A J Clapham, S Gant, D Hamilton, and J Pouncett) 
Archaeopress, £28
ISBN 978-1803273129