Millstones of the Pennines and North West England


This engaging read explores the archaeology, geology, and history of millstones in North-West England and the Pennines. Initially focusing on the background of the study, the volume then moves into examining case studies of specific sites, individuals, and groups involved with all aspects of millstone production. The book is filled with beautiful first-hand and historical photographs of the millstones and their landscapes, which help bring the subject matter to life.

Millstones of the Pennines and North West England is an absorbing read for archaeologically minded audiences. Throughout the work, particular focus is given to the quarries and wider landscape context in which the millstones were produced, as well as analysing the technological methods used to create them. At some sites, mystery still remains as to how the millstones could have been transported from difficult and often dangerous locations to the mills for which they were created.

David Johnson
Amberley Publishing, £15.99
ISBN 978-1398112933