Exploring Norfolk’s Deep History Coast


John Davies and David Waterhouse take the reader on an absorbing journey into Norfolk’s past. Exploring Norfolk’s Deep History Coast is carefully researched and beautifully presented. It offers a whole and knowledgeable guide to the rich early archaeological and geological past of Norfolk’s coastline. The authors cleverly interpret the interconnected relationship between the two specialties that makes the coastline in Norfolk so exceptional, whilst also highlighting the sad threat from global warming, particularly the frequent and severe coastal erosion, which makes this coastline all so fragile.

Their exploratory tour around the coastline is a joy – highlighting various features to find and discover, while revealing some which are already lost, such as the prehistoric footprints at Happisburgh. Never has a book enticed a reader more to get outside and discover the past around them than this one. It is an absolute must-read for anyone interested in connecting directly with Norfolk’s past.

John A Davies and David M G Waterhouse
The History Press, £15.99
ISBN 978-1803991719

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