Exhibitions, events, and heritage from home in Spring and Summer 2022

There are lots of great heritage-related opportunities to get out and about this spring, with conferences to attend, exhibitions to visit, and excavations to sign up for. Or, if you’d prefer, there are still many archaeology-, history-, and heritage-related resources and activities to enjoy at home, whether you’re looking for a virtual tour of an ancient Egyptian pyramid, a podcast about transatlantic shipwrecks, or online games designed for children. Amy Brunskill has put together a summary of some of the options available.



Samurai: history and legend

Cambridge University Library
Until 28 May 2022

A new exhibition at Cambridge University Library explores the literary concept and historic roots of the samurai through manuscripts and woodblock-printed books. These objects challenge modern perceptions of the samurai, and explore how the nature of Japanese warrior culture changed from the 12th to the 19th century, shifting from the great warriors of Japan’s medieval period towards a more well-defined warrior class that ruled over a long period of relative peace from the 17th to the mid-19th century. Entry to the exhibition is free and open to all.

Image: Cambridge University Library.

To the Edges of Empire

Until 11 June 2022
Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery

This new exhibition at Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery is part of the Hadrian’s Wall 1900 Festival, marking 1,900 years since the commencement of the building of Hadrian’s Wall in AD 122. The exhibition explores the role of locations and people across the Roman Empire during Hadrian’s reign through an array of objects from many different regions, including loans from the British Museum in London, National Museums Scotland, and the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. Entry to the exhibition is included in admission to the museum.


Sussex Flint Mines and the Arrival of the Neolithic in Britain: visions for future research

23 April 2022
King’s Church, Lewes

This year, Sussex Archaeological Society’s Annual Conference will be focusing on the county’s early Neolithic flint mines, cut deep into the chalk c.6,000 years ago in the hills between the River Adur and the River Arun. The day will include lectures from Professor Michael Parker Pearson, Dr Anne Teather, Dr Jon Baczkowski, Professor Martin Bell, and many other experts. Tickets, including access to all talks and demonstrations, refreshments, lunch, and a programme, cost £45. Virtual tickets (online only) are £15.

From Nero to Cromwell, and Beyond: 50 years of discovery in North East Hampshire

2 July 2022
Sherfield Park Community Centre, Sherfield on Loddon, Hants
Basingstoke Archaeological and Historical Society are holding a day conference to celebrate their 50th anniversary. It will cover archaeological highlights from the last five decades, with talks from experts including Professor Mike Fulford (on Silchester), Hampshire County Archaeologist David Hopkins (on the archaeology of Basingstoke), and author and military historian Alan Turton (on treasure hunting and archaeology at Basing House). Tickets cost £20, which includes lunch and one year’s free membership of BAHS.


1950s Front Street Terrace

Beamish: the Living Museum of the North

Beamish has just opened a new section of the Living Museum, the Front Street Terrace in The 1950s Town. The terrace will include four new exhibits: Middleton’s Quality Fish and Chips; John’s Café, where visitors can take a seat in the booths and enjoy ice-cream while listening to the jukebox; Elizabeth’s Hairdressers, where you can get your hair done in ’50s style; and No.2 Front Street, the replicated home of famous North-East artist, Norman Cornish. Time-slots for the museum can be booked online, with entry to the 1950s Terrace included in general admission.


• Uffizi Gallery, Italy


Delve into the collections of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence with online exhibitions exploring a variety of topics related to the histories of particular artworks, as well as 360° tours of some of the galleries and gardens.

• Wallace Collection, UK


Enjoy the Wallace Collection from home through a wide selection of resources, from blog posts and online talks about the history and conservation of the collections to virtual tours of past exhibitions.

• Step Pyramid Complex of Djoser, Egypt


Take a virtual tour of Egypt’s oldest pyramid, the Step Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara, which was constructed in several stages for King Netjerykhet of the Third Dynasty (c.2667-2648 BC).

IMAGE: Dennis Jarvis.

• Falkirk Explored, UK

https://play.google.com/store/apps/ details?id=com.whereverly.falkirk.android

Explore the historic sites of the Falkirk area with this app, which includes maps and trails to complement in-person visits, as well as virtual tours of sites like the historic mansion Kinneil House.


• Reality Check


Explore ancient objects, heritage sites, art, nature, and more with Augmented Reality from Google Arts & Culture. Download the app to project 3D models into the real world through your phone camera.

IMAGE: Wikimedia Commons, N Islam Photography.

• Musemio


Download the Museumio app and discover a selection of immersive games that allow children to explore history and arts through interactive mobile VR quests, covering subjects ranging from ancient Egypt to the dinosaurs.

• Into the Depths


Find out more about some of the thousand slave ships that were wrecked in the Atlantic Ocean during the transatlantic slave trade with this podcast from National Geographic that follows a team of divers documenting the wrecks.

• The Met TikTok


Enjoy an array of entertaining short videos from New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art on the museum’s TikTok page, ranging from snippets of information about artworks and objects in their collections to current social media trends.


• Time Team


Time Team returns with its first episodes in a decade. Two new three-part programmes, covering digs in Cornwall and Oxfordshire, will premiere on the Time Team Official YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/c/timeteamofficial) throughout March and April.

• Hidden Wales: Last Chance to Save


Join Will Millard as he explores more of Wales’ hidden historic wonders. From huge mansions to crumbling farmhouses and chapels, he travels around the country to tell the stories of some of its most endangered buildings.

• Story Shuffle: Tower of London


In this online game from Historic Royal Palaces, players must test their knowledge by unscrambling stories from the history of the Tower of London and finding out when they took place.


• Historic Environment Scotland


Enjoy a variety of historical-themed educational games and activities from Historic Environment Scotland, including new word searches and code-breaking activities inspired by Linlithgow Palace.