Walking the Antonine Wall

Review by Andrew Tibbs

Stretching for 38 miles across central Scotland, between the Firths of Forth and Clyde, the Antonine Wall is perhaps not as well-known as its southern counterpart, Hadrian’s Wall, but it is no less of an enigmatic and interesting relic of Scotland’s Roman past, as Alan Montgomery shows in Walking the Antonine Wall. Taking the reader on a personal journey along the Wall, the author explores the history and archaeology of this 2nd-century Roman frontier, which has inspired and intrigued antiquarians and archaeologists throughout the centuries. It describes the history of the Wall from its earliest days marking the edge of the Roman Empire, through to the antiquarian rediscovery from the 17th century, through to ongoing research in the modern era. Alan Montgomery takes the reader on an intimate and insightful journey across Scotland – beautifully written and illustrated – and through 2,000 years of history. Walking the Wall is essential reading for those seeking a new perspective on an important period of Scottish history.

Walking the Antonine Wall
Alan Montgomery
Tippermuir Books, £9.99
ISBN 978-1913836122