Middle Bronze Age and Roman Settlement at Manor Pit, Baston, Lincolnshire

Review by Andrew Tibbs.

Over a decade of excavation has taken place at the Manor Pit quarry site in Baston, Lincolnshire, and this volume details the archaeological work undertaken at the site, and subsequent analysis. Initially occupied in the Neolithic period, it wasn’t until the Bronze Age that pastoral activity began at Manor Pit. In the Roman period, the site was reoccupied, and cultivation continued until the 4th century AD, with subsequent agricultural activity in both later and post-medieval periods.

This volume, an archaeological report, begins with a background evaluation of Manor Pit, detailing the excavations. It then analyses the finds and environmental and human remains recovered during the investigations.

A lot of work has gone into this volume, which is both well written and illustrated. However, the level of depth and technical detail it covers means it will appeal more to those with a keen interest in rural settlement and pastoral activity in Lincolnshire, rather than the reader with a general interest in the archaeology of the periods or geographical areas covered by the report.

Middle Bronze Age and Roman Settlement at Manor Pit, Baston, Lincolnshire, Rob Atkins, Jim Burke, Leon Field, and Adam Yates, Archaeopress, £45, ISBN 978-1789695830.