Managing Archaeology in Dynamic Urban Centres

This new publication, which draws on discussions at the 2017 European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) conference and the work of the EAA Urban Archaeology Community, explores the complexities of carrying out archaeology in urban spaces across Europe.

Urban centres are often archaeologically dense, but the remains are frequently fragmented or fragile, and located in places that are busy, subject to constant development, and of interest to multiple stakeholders with differing priorities, presenting a unique set of challenges in planning, excavation, management, conservation, and interpretation.

Here, the case studies demonstrate how variations in regulations, local histories, and other circumstances can affect urban archaeology. They also show commonalities, such as the importance of public engagement, and the necessity of compromise. The EAA Urban Archaeology Community highlights the value of communication between those involved in urban archaeology, and this book represents a significant step towards a better understanding of the field, which will aid its future development.

Managing Archaeology in Dynamic Urban Centres, Paul Belford and Jeroen Bouwmeester, Sidestone Press, £40, ISBN 978-9088906053.
Review by AB.