Exhibitions, events, and heritage from home across the UK

There are great opportunities to get involved in heritage, history, and archaeology over the coming months, ranging from new exhibitions to exciting conferences, lectures, and more. Or, if you prefer to get your cultural or historical fix from home, there are plenty of ways to do so, including virtual museums, radio and social media offerings, documentaries, and games. Amy Brunskill has put together a selection of some of the options available.



Visions of Ancient Egypt

The Sainsbury Centre, Norwich
Until 1 January 2023

The Sainsbury Centre presents a groundbreaking new exhibition exploring the enduring appeal of ancient Egypt in art and design. The exhibition features 150 works from collections in the UK and around the world, from paintings, sculptures, and art to writing, fashion, architecture, and film, all of which reflect the ongoing engagement with ancient Egypt in its many forms across the centuries. Tickets cost £14, or £12 for concessions. University of East Anglia and Norwich University of the Arts students go free.

Hieroglyphs: unlocking ancient Egypt

British Museum
Until 19 February 2023

This new exhibition at the British Museum marks 200 years since the unlocking of Egyptian hieroglyphs. Using inscriptions on the objects that Jean-François Champollion and other scholars studied, this immersive show charts the race to decipherment, taking visitors through the events surrounding the groundbreaking moment when the Rosetta Stone was successfully translated, changing our understanding of human history forever. Tickets cost £18 on weekdays and £20 on weekends for adults, with concession prices available. Advance booking is strongly recommended.


Society for Medieval Archaeology Student Colloquium

University of Exeter
14-16 November 2022

The 2022 Society for Medieval Archaeology Student Colloquium will take place over three days, with two days of conference talks and workshops followed by a trip on the third. The conference will showcase research by students and early career researchers on a broad range of medieval archaeology and interdisciplinary topics, spanning the 5th to the 16th centuries. More information about the keynote speaker and the trip destination will be available on the society’s website. Registration for the conference is free for members of the society, and costs £20 for non-members.

Hampshire Field Club Archaeology Conference 2022

Hampshire Record Office, Winchester
19 November 2022

The theme of Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society’s 2022 conference is ‘Pre-Modern People on the Move: migration, immigration and ethnicity’. Talks will include Dr Stuart Needham on ‘Reconciling Incomers and Continuity in the Bronze Age’, Professor Andrew Fitzpatrick on ‘Mobility, Marriage, and Migration in the Iron Age’, and Professor Hella Eckhardt on ‘Movement in the Roman Period’. Tickets to the conference cost £15 for HFC members, and £20 for non-members.


The Viking boat-burial at Kiloran Bay, Colonsay, and its international context

Augustine United Church, Edinburgh
15 December 2022

The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland’s December lecture will be presented by Professor James Graham-Campbell and will explore the high-status Viking burial excavated at Kiloran Bay in 1882 and 1884. The burial contained a variety of grave goods including scales, weights, and harness-mounts, as well as two cross-marked stones, a boat, a horse, and a possible human sacrifice. The event will take place both in person and online. Attendance is free but advance booking is recommended.


• Virtual Museum of the Spanish Civil War

Find out more about the Spanish Civil War with this newly launched online history centre. Currently featuring five galleries chronicling and examining the 20th-century conflict, this is the first stage of an ongoing project.

• J Paul Getty Museum, USA

Discover more about ancient Greek society through its pottery with this new online exhibition from the Getty. From Fire to Wine: ancient Greek pottery explores what these vessels can tell us about mythology and everyday life.

• Muchelney Abbey, UK

Image: Wikimedia Commons, Nick Chipchase

www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/ muchelney-abbey/history/virtual-tour
Explore the buildings of Muchelney Abbey in Somerset with this virtual tour from English Heritage, and learn about the lives of the monks who lived there over the centuries.

• Digging Veritas, USA

Find out what Harvard student archaeologists and staff from the Peabody Museum have discovered during excavations at Harvard Yard with this online exhibition about the archaeology and history of the site.


• Ancient Art Archive

Explore prehistoric paintings and engravings around the world with this online archive, which identifies and preserves culturally significant works using photography, 3D modelling, and virtual-reality technology.

• At the Crossroads: Qandahar in images and empires

www.getty.edu/research/exhibitions_events/ exhibitions/qandahar/index.html
See some of the earliest known photographs of Kandahar, Afghanistan. Taken between 1880 and 1881, at the end of the Second Anglo-Afghan War, they give an insight into the region and its rich cultural traditions.

• The Lindisfarne Gospels and New Discoveries

Image: Wikimedia Commons, Nilfanion

In this episode of BBC Arts & Ideas, David Petts shares his findings on Holy Island; Michelle Brown explores the Lindisfarne Gospels; and Jake Morris-Campbell shares a new poem written to mark the manuscript’s return to the North-East.

• Shattered Glass of Beirut

This short documentary on the British Museum’s YouTube page tells the story of the conservation of eight glass vessels from the American University of Beirut that were damaged during the port explosion of 2020.


• Raising the Mary Rose: the lost tapes

Discover how Henry VIII’s flagship was raised from the bottom of the Solent 40 years ago, with this new documentary featuring unseen footage from the excavation and interviews with the people who were there.

• From Paris to Rome

In this new travel show, Bettany Hughes makes a journey through France and Italy, inspired by the 18th-century’s grand tourists, to explore the arts and culture of some of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

• A Farm Through Time

Find out how farming practices have evolved since the Iron Age with this three-part series in which historian Ruth Goodman and farming brothers Rob and Dave Nicholson relive what life was like for farmers throughout history.

• Vindolanda Adventure

Image: Wikimedia Comons, Nilfanion

Enjoy this new online game set in the ancient Roman fort of Vindolanda, learning about life on the Roman frontier through a series of quests, or by exploring the additional educational resources and activities on offer.

• Guess the Roman Object

www.museumoflondon.org.uk/discover/ roman-london-mystery-object-quiz
Try your hand at this online quiz from the Museum of London and see if you can work out the identities of some of the weird and wonderful objects that Roman Londoners left behind.