The Antonine Wall in Falkirk District

Review by Andrew Tibbs

The Antonine Wall in Falkirk District is the culmination of more than 35 years of archaeological research and excavation along Scotland’s Roman wall by the local authority: the Keeper of Archaeology and Local History in Falkirk, Geoff Bailey. Based on his work over the decades, the book is divided into three sections. The first looks at the different components that make up the Antonine Wall; the second focuses on excavations undertaken by the author on Roman sites in the area; while the third (written by individual contributors) covers some of the small finds uncovered during the excavations. Coming in at a hefty 600 pages, it is well-presented and -illustrated throughout, with the text both clearly written and demonstrating the author’s breadth of knowledge, while also being insightful and covering many of the Roman sites in Falkirk that have not previously been investigated. The Antonine Wall in Falkirk District is an essential purchase for anyone interested in Roman archaeology and history in Scotland.

The Antonine Wall in Falkirk District
Geoff B Bailey
Falkirk Local History Society, £20
ISBN 978-1838298807