Cumbria’s Prehistoric Monuments

Adam Morgan Ibbotson has successfully brought together around 100 prehistoric sites from across Cumbria into a much-needed single volume. Home to a range of prehistoric monuments, Cumbria has more than just stone circles, with notable examples including the Mayburgh Henge and the Great Urswick burial chamber.

The book begins by defining the prehistoric period and describing some of the typical finds from the region, with a useful glossary defining the different terms used for early prehistoric monuments. The bulk of the book focuses on the early sites found across Cumbria, with the author explaining what is known about each site and where the gaps in our knowledge lie. There are also occasional ‘author’s notes’, which add an extra layer of detail. The highlight has to be the beautiful photographs and illustrations, which both help the reader get a sense of the sites and finish the book off beautifully. Cumbria’s Prehistoric Monuments would make a welcome addition to the bookshelves of prehistorians, historians, and archaeologists, as well as anyone planning a visit to Cumbria.

Cumbria’s Prehistoric Monuments, Adam Morgan Ibbotson, The History Press, £18, ISBN 978-0750996686

Review by Andrew Tibbs.