Tutankhamun’s face

Tutankhamun’s face has been recreated by researchers from Australia, Italy, and Brazil to demonstrate a new modelling technique based on the use of digitised graphic information. Although the team did not have access to the king’s actual remains, they were able to use the previously documented measurements of his skull in computer-generated models that create a facial approximation using forensic techniques. The work builds on previous attempts at facial reconstruction. The first of these was based on a plaster skull moulded from radiographs of Tutankhamun’s skull in 1983; three separate facial reconstructions were made by different teams in 2005, based on CT scans carried out on Tutankhamun that year; and more recently, in 2022, an image similar to the newly created one was created by a sculptor based on further CT scans.

A new three-dimensional digital facial approximation of Tutankhamun.
A facial reconstruction of Tutankhamun based on CT scans made in 2005.
Text: Sarah Griffiths / Image: Cicero Moraes