Tetisheri Pyramid and cemetery discovery

The American-Egyptian South Abydos Project team has completed the restoration of the Tetisheri Pyramid, the last such structure to be built for an Egyptian queen. It was erected as a memorial to the queen by her grandson Ahmose I, founder of the New Kingdom, and was discovered in 1902. The remains of the original mud-brick walls have been stabilised and protected, with modern bricks used to provide a protective layer on top, and to recreate the outer walls to show the original 63° slope. A circuit tour of the pyramid is available at http://www.bit.ly/Tetisheri.

The team have also announced the discovery of a New Kingdom cemetery, again dating to the reign of Ahmose, together with a number of structures thought to be houses or service buildings. Finds uncovered include ceramics, faience scarab amulets, and a painted wooden coffin face-mask.

The Pyramid of Tetisheri at South Abydos before restoration work.
The Tetisheri Pyramid after the completion of restoration work, which included  a new outer wall that recreates the original  63° slope.
Text: Sarah Griffiths / Images: Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities unless otherwise stated