UK events, exhibitions, and heritage from home 2022-2023

As we head into spring, there are many fantastic opportunities to get out and about and enjoy the UK’s history, archaeology, and cultural heritage, whether you’re looking for historical re-enactments, excavation opportunities, or new exhibitions. If you prefer, there are also plenty of resources available online, ranging from digital museum collections and 3D tours of heritage sites to activities and archaeological TV shows for the whole family. Amy Brunskill has put together a selection of some of the options available.



Japan: Courts and Culture

The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace, London
Until 26 February 2023

This new exhibition at the Queen’s Gallery brings together for the first time a stunning selection of Japanese art and design from the Royal Collection. It tells the story of the relationship between the British and Japanese royal and imperial families over 350 years, through the diplomatic, artistic, and cultural exchanges that have taken place. Artefacts on display range from the samurai armour bestowed during their first interactions in the 1600s right up to the magnificent coronation gift presented to Elizabeth II in 1953. Tickets cost £17 for adults, with concession prices available.

Image: Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2022

Tutankhamun: Excavating the Archive

Bodleian Library, Oxford
Until 5 February 2023

This new exhibition at the Bodleian tells the story of the excavation of Tutankhamun’s tomb through the eyes of the archaeologists who were there. Marking the 100th anniversary of the tomb’s discovery by Howard Carter and his team, the exhibition will draw from Carter’s archive of photographs, letters, plans, drawings, and diaries to bring to life the events of the discovery, excavation, documentation, and conservation of the rich royal burial. Admission is free.


Battle for Britannia – Saxons invade Butser Ancient Farm

Butser Ancient Farm, Chalton
21-22 May 2022

This May, invading Saxons will clash with resident Romans and Celts in an attempt to conquer Butser Ancient Farm. A weekend of re-enactments will bring to life the events of the end of 4th century AD, with music and storytelling, live history talks from re-enactors, and combat and archery demonstrations throughout the weekend, culminating in a dramatic final battle at 2pm each day. Normal admission prices apply.

King’s Park Excavations

14-19 August 2022

Sign-up for Rampart Scotland’s 2022 excavations at King’s Park is now open. The investigations in the Royal Park surrounding Stirling Castle are part of a series of projects exploring late prehistoric settlement patterns in the Forth Valley. Training is relaxed, and the excavations are open to everyone, regardless of experience, but those aged under 17 must be accompanied by an adult. Training and participation costs £300 for the whole excavation, or £50 for a day, with no minimum attendance.


Rhind Lectures 2022: Unearthing the African Diaspora

Augustine United Church, Edinburgh, and online
10-12 June 2022

This year, the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland’s Rhind Lectures will explore one of the fastest-growing study areas in the archaeology of the modern world: African Diaspora Archaeology. Professor Theresa Singleton will present six lectures discussing this developing archaeological discipline, using her own projects as case studies. This will be a hybrid event taking place both in person and online. The lectures are open and free to all, but registration is required.


• J Paul Getty Museum, USA


Enjoy digital offerings from the Getty, including online exhibitions, talks from curators, and thousands of works of art – from ancient Greece right up to the modern day.

• Museum of London, UK


Discover more about London’s history with a huge array of online posts from curators at the Museum of London, covering topics ranging from luxury headwear in the 1930s-1970s to the first British wine, made in the 1st century AD.

IMAGE: Wikimedia Commons, Zde.

• Tomb of Mehu, Egypt

Explore one of the finest and best-preserved Old Kingdom tombs in the ancient Egyptian burial ground at Saqqara: the tomb of the Chief Justice and Vizier Mehum. His tomb was rediscovered in the 1940s.

• St Magnus the Martyr, UK

Take a virtual tour of St Magnus, the church that stood at the head of the medieval London Bridge and welcomed visitors to the City of London, and find out more about its history through videos, audio recordings, 3D models, and more.


• Undercover Time Explorer: Tudor Kitchens

Try your hand at being a Tudor servant in this game from Historic Royal Palaces. Go back in time and help to prepare a feast for Henry VIII in the Tudor kitchens at Hampton Court Palace.

IMAGE: Duncan Harris.

• Speed Art Museum

Enjoy games, puzzles, and challenges related to the collection of the Speed Art Museum in Kentucky, from art-themed bingo and word searches to an art-around-the-world scavenger hunt.

• Curse of the Ancients with Alice Roberts

Discover how people across Europe and North Africa were affected by catastrophic events in the past, from wars and famines to floods and earthquakes, in this five-part series.

• Tutankhamun: Waking the Dead

Join Bettany Hughes as she uses forensic evidence to examine Tutankhamun’s body and assemble a portrait of the young king and his family, and the world in which they lived.

• Neanderthals – Meet Your Ancestors

Find out more about Neanderthals in this series, as Ella Al-Shamahi investigates what they looked like and how they lived. This programme from 2018 is now available again on BBC iPlayer.


• British Library Treasures

Discover some of the world’s most exciting books, maps, manuscripts, and more with this digitised selection from the British Library’s huge collection of 150 million items, which spans 3,000 years.

IMAGE: Wikimedia Commons, Mike Peel.

• Mali Magic

Explore the culture and history of Mali with this Google Arts & Culture project, which brings together digitised ancient manuscripts, a 3D tour of the world’s largest mud-brick mosque, videos of at-risk musical traditions, and much more.

• The PastCast

Enjoy more episodes of the podcast from The Past, the website from the team behind CA and its sister-magazines. Look out for episodes on the return of Time Team, Maryport’s Roman temples, and the Waterloo Uncovered project.

• The Prehistory Guys

Delve into the latest news, views, podcasts, and films connected with prehistoric archaeology with videos on The Prehistory Guys YouTube channel, run by Rupert Soskin and Michael Bott.