Ancient Greek necropolis to welcome visitors in June 2022

The Ipogeo dei Cristallini is situated just outside the limits of ancient Neapolis.

Ancient Greek tombs in Naples, southern Italy, are set to open to visitors for the first time this June after restoration work is completed.

Discovered in 1889, the Ipogeo dei Cristallini contains just some of the tombs that made up the original Greek necropolis, outside the limits of ancient Neapolis.

A gorgon of Medusa inside the Crystalline Hypogeum. IMAGE: Alessandra Calise Martuscelli/Wikimedia Commons.

The well-preserved sepulchral spaces, thought to have been built in the 4th century BC, are full of decoration, including carved columns, benches, beams, sculpted beds and pillows, and rare survivals of vividly coloured ancient Greek wall paintings.

The tombs will be available for visits on pre-booked small group tours (see You can find out more about the tombs in a future issue of Minerva.