Colemore Project

Colemore Colemore, Alton

Join the excavation at Colemore, in the west of the South Downs National Park. Colemore is sited on a fascinating buried landscape of past rural settlement. Thirteen seasons of excavations, test pits, desk-based research and geophysical survey has revealed a complex settlement of enclosures and habitation dating mainly to the Romano-British with glimpses of the Iron Age.


Elsyng Royal Palace

Forty Hall, Enfield Forty Hall, Enfield, United Kingdom

This summer marks the 20th season of Enfield Archaeological Society’s excavations at Henry VIII’s royal palace of Elsyng in the parkland surrounding the early 17th-century Forty Hall, Enfield. This year’s exploration of this scheduled ancient monument will focus on the inner gatehouse, which would have been one of the largest buildings in the complex.