MHM’s round-up of the latest military history titles

• Paths of Fire: the gun and the world it made
• Pathfinders
• The Viking Great Army and the Making of England
• SBS: Silent Warriors
• The Confidence Men: how two prisoners of war engineered the most remarkable escape in history
• Blood and Ruins: the Great Imperial War, 1931-1945…

The Western Front: a history of the First World War

This is the first of a planned three-part history of the First World War organised by theatre. The second volume will deal with the Eastern Front (including Italy and the Balkans), the third with the wider war (mainly the Middle East and Africa). It is, first and foremost, a narrative…

War of Words: ‘PAWN’

Pawn emerges etymologically from the Anglo-Norman poun, which itself comes from the medieval Latin pedo (‘footsoldier’), derived from the Latin pes (‘foot’).…

Operation Bagration

Which was more important, D-Day or Operation Bagration? Chris Bambery argues that it was on the Eastern Front that the fate of Nazi Germany was sealed.…

Military History Matters 122

• Barbarossa: biggest invasion in history
• Braddock at Monongahela, 1755
• Butterfly Effect at war
• Crusader strategy
• French invasion of Britain: Fishguard, February 1797…

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