Current Archaeology 373

• Conserving Britain’s largest Iron Age hoard
• Britain’s first 5th-century mosaic at Chedworth?
• Early Christianity in western Britain & Ireland
• Infant Beaker burial near Salisbury
• Hadrian’s Wall: what was it for?…

Current Archaeology 374

• Fluctuating fortunes of
Roman and medieval Exeter
• Burials in late Iron Age and early medieval Ireland
• New thinking on the Mary Rose and her crew
• An archaeology of airfields
• Exploring female stories from Sutton Hoo…

This week: Hoards

No one knows for certain why Viking Age people chose to bury their most treasured possessions underground. According to one 13th-century source, the influential Icelandic poet Snorri Sturluson, they did it because Odin – the Norse god who oversees Valhalla – had decreed that a man will have the use…

Current Archaeology LIVE! 2022

Current Archaeology Live! 2022 is coming up quickly, with the event scheduled to run over the weekend of 25-27 February. Like last year, it will be held online, with all the talks going live on our YouTube channel ( on the Friday morning for you to watch in any order,…


Excavating Suffolk

The result of many years’ fieldwork by local voluntary and educational organisations came to a head there in the early 1990s, when a long-proposed bypass was constructed, destroying major elements of the Roman settlement.…

Letters: April/May 2021

Herefordshire is a cornucopia of remarkable church architecture, not only of the 14th century but also of the 12th, and the county rewards explorers with its riches.…